Bloggin' on Day 2

Another day...another dollar? Did they mean dollar spent? Cuz I don't see any dollars coming in today *SIGH*! Then again, it is Sunday right?

Oh and tomorrow...my most fave day of the week MONDAY! I will be woken sweetly and abrubtly by the sound of an entire army of lawnmowers and landscapers tomorrow. You see, our property management company and the condo corporation here feel as though they will never be able to please everyone with the time and day they choose for property landscaping maintenance. When I received this information from them, after complaining of it being done on Monday of all days, I then questioned, "So, if they can't please everyone are they trying to tick off the majority?"

Who loves Mondays? I haven't found one person yet. In fact, Facebook now has an application that measures the masses mood based on user input information (status, comments, keywords used etc). They haven't filtered the information yet into the days of the week, but when they do...I will put money on it that Monday is the most miserable day of the week for everyone.

Ok...next topic...no point in focusing on Monday when it's not even here to make me miserable yet! LOL

So I spent several hours last night researching photography related information. Found quite a few photography related employment opportunities that are coming up of which I have applied to. I really hope I get some calls back. As much as I want to take on this contract position coming up, a full time permenant job would be so much better! All in due time right? I sometimes think that they inability to find employment over the last year is an indication that those 'greater forces' will bring something my way. Wishful thinking? Maybe so. However, the law of attraction is far more powerful than a wishful thought..in my opinion it is anyway.

I really want studio work, something that will challenge me, teach me and offer me great experience that could be utilized for my own business...oh the dream...studio, lab, office! One day!

So this morning I was pleasantly awakened by the love of my life...my daughter. And by pleasantly, I mean NOT so pleasantly. How is it an entire school year goes by where this child doesn't open her eyes til past 8am, leaving little if no time to get ready and out the door, BUT then during summer holidays it's like there's bugs in the bed at 7am! "Mommmy, mommy, mommy....get up mommy!" WOW! I mean, as a parent, yes we have a responsibility to our children every day...but they too should have a responsibility to us parents where they allow for us to get some sufficient rest to be able to put up with all the arguments, defiance, screaming, crying, whining, demands..etc.!?!?!? I JUST WANT TO WAKE UP ON MY OWN AND FEEL RESTED! I'm so tired from pushing myself every day...job searching nonstop, working on business elements, housecleaning, laundry, packing, sorting, driving, running, phone calls, emails, texts (did I mention I conveniently can't find my cellphone right now?)....so ...

instead I clean. Carpet clean, surface cleaning, walls, floors, cupboards, drawers, vacuuming, upholstery....the list goes on!

Break time!
So I don't understand how I have so much 'stuff'...it's everywhere. I get rid of stuff all the time and yet it seems I never get rid of enough. I have bags of clothes I need to drop off somewhere, I have endless paperwork that I must go through to narrow the pile down to what's needed only! I have boxes of junk that I need to either toss, sell or donate. And toys...well let me tell you...actually, nevermind! If you're a parent, you'll understand, if you're not...one day you will!

Well, there's  not much important, funny stuff to talk about today...considering I'm just busy using a toothbrush and magnifying glass to clean my house.

Until next time....


...and at the beginning of our endeavour, we ended up 'Here'!

It's 9am on Saturday morning, the sun is shining and it's cozy warm. My lil one is watching cartoons on the couch and behaving herself...the dog is asleep & chillin'....wait...the dog? Oh yes, I'm dog-sitting!
MENTAL NOTE - walk dog regularly BEFORE she urinates on my floor or drops a 'crunch' somewhere in my house. Uhhh ya, soooo I guess I can't just PRETEND to pick up the terdlets if it's in my house like I sometimes do outside, I'd really have to stoop & scoop the poop in here...
...ya ya, shhhsh ok...I know you're cursing me right now, thinking back about that time you stepped in stinky, sticky dog poop, and yes, I know, it's people like me who are the cause of these 'crappy' events (pardon the pun)!
..but in my defense, I figure it's either leave the crap there or pick it up and leave behind a collection of my stomach contents! So ask yourself what would you rather step in? MENTAL NOTE: Next poll: "What would you rather..."

Alright, let's get down to business here. So this is obviously my first blog, welcome and all those other standard pleasant greeting/introduction things people say. I will however enlighten you as to what my reason is for starting a blog; and it wasn't because I had  a desire to discuss a dog's digestion system or the details of the moment you stepped in dog 'stuff' and want to rip my head off now for potentially being the person who failed to 'Stoop&Scoop'!! Ok, well the reason is not a short answer...no reason will ever be simple (note: that's reason number one why I started a blog: Barbi never has short simple answers) ...so here we go!

First of all (or 2nd I guess I mean), I can talk a lot. Anyone who knows me well, clearly knows this! I have several friends who I keep in contact with on a regular basis (or try to), of whom I share much of my life with. You see, I'm very much an open book about my thoughts, feelings, experiences and hardships. I have very little that I hide/keep private. And well, with so little time (explanation to follow) it's difficult to keep people up to date. The sad matter of fact is, the demands of life don't leave much time to nurture all we wish to. I thought a blog might help my friends and family stay updated when time doesn't allow me to keep in touch (or when I have too much to say). Also, it's a great way to interact with those who want to know about 'a day in the life of '. And...if no one ever reads it...then at worst, it's just my journal.

I know this is not the good old school style of maintaining or building relationships, but in our hectic world it's an alternative, when otherwise, there may be little to no communication...a 'better than nothing' situation. Time is precious and it seems we have less and less of it these days, and though we keep in contact in so many impersonal ways (email, text, instant messengers, facebook, etc.) and this blog of mine just might be another, we have to find and use whatever method of communication that is most convenient, efficient and practical. In my case, this blog is now my outlet for everything that happens. So...be prepared for the good...the bad...and yep, you got it, the ugly (and the powerful, beautiful & excellent too).

It's personal and professional. Some may disagree about mixing the two. Some may say that doing so lacks professionalism. I say 'daytime talk shows weren't successful because they fabricated the story to make people look good, no if anything, they fabricated it to make their lives look more messed up, more complex and well the truth is, people are interested in other people'...and so what in the world do I have to hide? What/who would I be hiding from? I can't hide from myself, and I won't hide from the judgement of others because really, it's myself I must contend with, it's the me I see in the mirror whom I face most often, and at the hand of intense conviction. It's responding appropriately, acting with ethic, coming to terms, accepting, listening, learning, forgiving, evolving, sharing and progressing forward with insight and wisdom of a given situation that count...and it's this part of life that I will bring to my readers in hopes that the things I write about will make you experience something positive! MENTAL NOTE: inspire/give new perspective/make people laugh...always...somehow

Ok so back to the rest of the 'why'....

...so I figure too this is a great place to just get it all out, scream and shout, dance about...ya know, a collective of the thoughts and experiences of the day. A place for us (ya, I mean YOU and me, yes that's right) to get together over your morning coffee (or nightcap tea) where we can laugh at my day (or just AT me if you'd like). It's a good thing...and if you disagree, well then don't come back for more :) just know, you'll be missing out


Where is Photos by Barbi at? Well, things are going well, but still slowly. Life requires I get another job aside from my own business (don't ya hate it when that happens :( lol). So, I have picked up a part time hostessing job and have a contract photography position coming up in late August. I'll be busy for the next while with work, as well as the scheduled summer holidays in Florida this month coming. Everything is going to happen so fast, and though I'm not looking forward to our summer changing to fall it's going to be a great time for family sessions. MENTAL NOTE promo: fall family photos

This summer has been AMAZING! We have been blessed with amazing weather, sufficient rainfall and sizzlin' temperatures! There's still a tonne of time left to get sessions this summer too! Faith and I have been on a couple adventures recently throughout the Durham Region, checking out our 'backyard' and have found some great shoot locations!

I spent some time by myself at The Guild Inn as well, and WOW is about the best I can do for words. Amazing structures, fantastic photo opportunities!! There's an album from my adventure, I REALLY look forward to doing a shoot here! MENTAL NOTE: look into permit pricing for commercial shoots at The Guild Inn

After picking up Faith on July 23rd we found our way over to the Victoria Park overpass at the 401 where people were gathering for the return of fallen soldier Sapper Brian Collier. As Faith and I approached the fire truck I reminded her how to salute. Little did I know that she would cue them to do so as I shot this photo! Great assisting Faith!! She's always such a great helper during shoots!
This photo is the Bradford West Gwillmbury Fire Department, who obviously traveled to show their respect for their local soldier and his family. There's more shots on the fan page as well.

 Well, there's plenty more topics to cover, but for now, I'd rather not deter you with too long of blog posts! Have a great day, enjoy the sunshine, keep your loved ones close and dream big!